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  "Tianzhiqi " stem from natural, return to nature , create getting green environmentally safe

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Terms of payment

Get in touch the terms of payment and messenger's riding routes while being many kinds of

One : Remit money from the post office: LongshiRoad Shibantan Town.Xindu District Chengdu  Sichuan Province       

 Post Code: 610511

Payee: Chengdu City Meixing Technical Paint Factory The finance section accepting

Two: Remit money from the bank:

Agricultural Bank of " personal EFT of 24 hours " method of payment:
Account number: 95599 8046 25192 15513

Name of the account: Peng Chengwu

Three: The unit, to the method of remittance of the common account number (Agricultural Bank of China):

Unit's name: Chengdu City Meixing Technical Paint Factory

Bank of deposit: Agricultural Bank of China  Chengdu  Xindu sub-branch  Shibantan office

Account No.: 8248 0104 0001716
Four: Foreign customer's method of remittance (gather together from local Bank of China):

Remittance address: Agricultural Bank of China  chengdu  Xindu sub-branch  Shibantan office

         Account number: 22-8248 011000 11498

A name: Peng  Chengwu           Bankbook: Current

Note: After taking the above way to remit money , please call to notify our company , tell your better address, telephone number and materials or article bought, in order to send out for you in time. Or send the fax to our company: Fax: 028-84210898

Five: The messenger goes to the company to handle live:

Riding route: Wuguibridge , five stone bus stop, (get off at the gate of direct factory) take bus to Longtanshi transfer to Shibantan Tongshun village beach direction (get off at the factory gate )

look out:

Because fund has come in the letters of a lot of customers, the writing is hasty and careless , the address , postcode and name are not quite clear, or has not indicated such reasons as articles bought , technological name ,etc. , has caused the normal business to be unable to handle , bring a great deal of inconvenience to our work, delays your own time even more.

This of the ancient bronze mirror: Specially solemnly declare, if after you remit the fund , have not received the technical data or article bought in ten days, please contact our company in time, our company must inquire about conscientiously , guard prestige rigidly.

The hot-line : 028-83050888 83050999 E-MAIL:


Address: Xindu district Chengdu Sichuan Province of China  Telephone:028-83050888? FAX:028-84210898 Hot line:028-83050999

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